Adelphi Private Stock Blended Scotch Whisky

A limited release blend made in a solera style with a high percentage of well-aged malts. The Adelphi Private Stock was selected by the first owner of the company to meet his Grandmother’s demand for an “everyday whisky” with complexity. Adelphi Private Stock was selected by Charles MacLean and James Walker in 1993. The actual recipe of the Adelphi Private Stock remains a closely guarded secret. The perfect everyday dram. On the nose: Sweet, with Strawberry chewitts, caramel/butterscotch and bubble gum. Also, leafy and floral, like a bunch of daffodils. Sweet, and although a little 'grainy' there is plenty of malt character too. Strawberry bubble gum. A great value blend that is a perfect session dram to keep in the cabinet. An everyday dram for the single malt drinker.

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CSPC Number: 740315
Volume: 700 ml
Case Size: 12
Alcohol Percent: 40