Dictador 2 Masters Glenfarclas 1972

A 45-YEAR-OLD DICTADOR RUM FROM A 1972 SINGLE VINTAGE CASK FINISHED IN FINE PORT CASKS AND THEN SHIPPED TO GLENFARCLAS IN SCOTLAND, WHERE IT FURTHER SPENT 7 MONTHS IN A GLENFARCLAS 2002 THIRD-FILL JEREZ SHERRY CASK. BOTTLED AT 45 % ABV. ONLY 375 BOTTLES. Nose: Undoubtedly a great old rum married into a superb whisky with very clear malted barley overtones, sherry notes, dark chocolate and dried apricots over the sweeter smell of maple syrup, melted brown sugar and tropical fruits. Palate: The whisky somewhat fades into the background and gets overtaken by immensely rounded, rich liquid dried fruits with medjool dates, sun-dried raisins and acacia honey character, although without the sugar content, just pure aged rum. It kicks back in with incredible balance between the alcohol, fruit and acidity, going into a fabulous finish that just lingers for minutes once the “burn” is away and has notes of toffee, sweet tobacco and toasted coconut. Color: A dark golden bronze with flashes of mahogany in the center out to a highly viscous light brass color in the glass.

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CSPC Number: 811711
Volume: 700 ml
Case Size: 3
Alcohol Percent: 45